Local Search – The New “Less Sexy” Internet Phenomenon

Filed under: Copywriting — Jared on Thursday, June 5, 2008

Small business owners rejoice!


Here’s the thing…

There’s a lot that’s “hot, new, and sexy” on the Internet. 

– Social Networking – Sites like Facebook

– Video-Sharing — Sites like YouTube 

– Latent Semantic Indexing – Advanced SEO

Don’t get me wrong – These facets of Internet Marketing have tremendous potential and should be utilized. No question about that, but they really are secondary to other quicker, easier methods. 


They ought to be utilized ONLY for the attributes that take a small amount of time to leverage. 

More on that in another post.

What I’m getting at today is this… 

There are several ways for any small business to get very targeted local store traffic using the Internet.

The easiest and one of the least expensive is Local Adwords — something most small business owners are not using but should be. I’ve seen business owners bring in as much as $3600 in new business from just $400 in Local Search advertising. 

Will that happen for every business owner, for every $400 spent.

No — But… 

I’ve never seen a time when there wasn’t a high return for the money spent.

Of course, we want to be sure those ads are well crafted for the highest possible response. 

May I refer you to a sensational ad copywriter!

- Shaune


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