Here’s How Quality Copywriting Can Save You $13,000 With Your…Accountant!

Filed under: Copywriting — Shaune on Monday, April 16, 2007

An email I just received from John Sparks who I met at the World Internet Summit in Australia.

 Hi «Shaune»,

Couldn’t wait to share the success I have already enjoyed from your program even before your first call.

First the background…I have been in dispute with my ex account. See the attached emails. He threaten me with legal action on my non payment of his a/c.

As you can see when you read the attached email I was not in agreeance with his point of view.

In the interest of keeping this short I started reading your copy writing manual up to page 119. As time was against me I started to write based around your outline on page 115. 

Three hours later my draft was done.

 I walked away feeling like I had pretty much said what wanted. Nilla and I looked it over the next day and sent ot off. You can read his reply in the email. To say I was encouraged is putting it mildly. I could detect a real shift in attitude by Joe.

We waited until 1 day before his next deadline and I sent my follow up email.

Joe called and we settled with him agreeing to tear up the $13,600 bill and move on.

Shaune to say I was excited that one week ago we were on our way to court and here he was settling without me paying a cent. Or to let me put it another way your program has already made me many times my investment.

Thankyou and may it keep on rolling in.

Looking forward to our first call.




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