What Joy! Working Wherever You Want - With “WHOEVER” You Want…

Filed under: Copywriting — Shaune on Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ryan Healy recently posted on his blog about the value of having a flexible schedule/life, as a freelance copywriter.

I agree.

More importantly, to me, is the fact that you can work wherever you want.

And With Whoever You Want…


- “On” the bay!

- That’s my lil niece Tava.


That’s THE reason to get free.

What’s your joy?

Take the leap.

Join me in Melbourne.


I promise — you won’t regret it!

At some point we all take a Big Step — something that’s a little uncomfortable.

Chosen properly, that step becomes major turning point — a jump to a new level of income!

This is your chance…


Talk soon,


PS: It’ll reach 80 degrees in Melbourne today.


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Comment by Rob Anderson

March 14, 2008 @ 8:53 pm


Yep the flexibility of being able to work where youy want is just such a terrific oppportunity. I came up to Sydney and am writing this in the lobby of the Summit in between getting on with work for my online business.

Thanks for another dynamite presentation. I heard you last year and purchased your Interview product then. Loved the BKV interview - it really was a powerful one.

Thanks for sharing your craft!!

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