What Joy! Working Wherever You Want - With “WHOEVER” You Want…

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Ryan Healy recently posted on his blog about the value of having a flexible schedule/life, as a freelance copywriter.

I agree.

More importantly, to me, is the fact that you can work wherever you want.

And With Whoever You Want…


- “On” the bay!

- That’s my lil niece Tava.


That’s THE reason to get free.

What’s your joy?

Take the leap.

Join me in Melbourne.


I promise — you won’t regret it!

At some point we all take a Big Step — something that’s a little uncomfortable.

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Master Copywriter Leaves Out “Unique Positioning” And Cavalierly Says…

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Hello everyone,

Listen close – This is good — Real good! 

As you know…

Finding the unique story – the unique angle — the rare benefits — has become an increasingly difficult thing to do.


When you’re writing copy and that rich material actually exists, you need to exploit it…To The MAX

Right? — Of course!

That’s why I was surprised to see that, Brett McFall – Australia’s number one copywriter – is not doing it.

Here’s what I mean…

At the World Internet Summit – An Internet Marketing Event That Brett Hosts – the speakers have to hang around the seminar for all four days.


Anyone Else Need To Join Storyteller’s Anonymous?

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Here’s the email I received from Sherry Knutson, just moments ago.

Good morning Shaune!

I just want a moment of your time to make an official announcment…
Sherry Knutson has decided to join SA………Storyteller’s Anonymous! 


I awoke with a revelation this morning… that once and for all I’m
going to renounce my “addiction to storytelling” from my copywriting

No, really, silliness aside now… when I woke up this morning, lastnight’s call was the very first thing that came to mind. It was a real eye-opener. I could have gone on for at least 5 minutes about the things I got from the call.


A 64 Year Old Man Stole Our Hearts…by Terri Dumont

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I can’t help myself, so please bear with me as I lay out my thoughts…

While watching Wednesday night’s American Idol, women across America were collectively grabbing Kleenex or holding back tears…and failing miserably.

We were riveted – we could sense the authenticity – the empathy. We had to watch.

For those of you who somehow haven’t heard, the talk is all about Sherman Pore. Well past the age limit of Idol contestants, the 64 year old sang one last tribute to his wife of 20 years. She passed away from cancer two days prior.

The story unfolds…