What’s Your Opinion Of This Email Subject Line… AKA a Headline.

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“7 Serious Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore”

I quickly deleted it when it came into my inbox but just as I hit the delete button I thought…

There’s something great about it and there’s something weak about it. I’ll let you know my thoughts soon but first…

What’s your opinion?

What, if anything, do you think is it’s strongest point?

What, if anything, do you feel is weak about it?



Connection, Connection, Connection — What’s The Fuss REALLY All About

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Today I’ve received three great emails, that in one way or another, mention “The Power of Connection,” a topic I can’t talk enough about.


It’s so important at the core of who we are as people.

As humans we innately want connection… authentic, human connection. It’s something indescribable really, but you certainly can feel it when it’s present and you can definitely feel that something is missing when it’s not there.

It’s an integral part of the buying process, especially today when force-fed sales messages are being so quickly disregarded.


Here’s How I Turned The Orange Beetle… Beet RED

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Hello all,

With 9 days notice Alan Forrest Smith AKA, The Orange Beetle Man, asked me to speak at his Masterclass in the UK. Of course I said “no problem.” I saw it as my chance to really “show my stuff.”

The problem…

How would I pull it off?

I have a new copywriting coaching program starting soon. I have ongoing consulting and clients I’m working with. I had just agreed to work with Brian Keith Voiles on a Joint Venture and a few info. products “under construction.”


Shaune Has Returned From The UK…

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Shaune just got back yesterday from his invitation to speak in the UK… and boy does he have a story to tell!

I’ll leave that for him to do, though. Once he’s back on schedule (a 6 hour flight and jet lag will knock your sleep patterns around a bit) I’m sure he’ll post some juicy details here…

take care all - David

I want to hear your opinion. Click here to leave a comment.