Local Search – The New “Less Sexy” Internet Phenomenon

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Small business owners rejoice!


Here’s the thing…

There’s a lot that’s “hot, new, and sexy” on the Internet. 

– Social Networking – Sites like Facebook

– Video-Sharing — Sites like YouTube 

– Latent Semantic Indexing – Advanced SEO

Don’t get me wrong – These facets of Internet Marketing have tremendous potential and should be utilized. No question about that, but they really are secondary to other quicker, easier methods. 


They ought to be utilized ONLY for the attributes that take a small amount of time to leverage. 

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Canadian Copywriters Rock! Are We Taking Over The Industry?

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Honestly, I think there’s something in our blood.

Are we born to write?

Is marketing savvy in our blood?

Is our DNA infused with salesmanship?

I’m going to get to the list Canadian notables in a moment.

First, let’s take a quick look at other fields of endeavour where Canadians tend to shine…

Consider the population of Canada is about the same as the State of California and check this out…

Internet Marketing — Ken Evoy — Yes, the founder of SiteSell is A freakin’ Canadian!


Here’s How Quality Copywriting Can Save You $13,000 With Your…Accountant!

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An email I just received from John Sparks who I met at the World Internet Summit in Australia.

 Hi «Shaune»,

Couldn’t wait to share the success I have already enjoyed from your program even before your first call.

First the background…I have been in dispute with my ex account. See the attached emails. He threaten me with legal action on my non payment of his a/c.

As you can see when you read the attached email I was not in agreeance with his point of view.

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STOP Writing To… “The Target Market”

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Old Copywriting Truisms are becoming less and less valid.

We must become increasingly aware of simple distinctions that can make our copy more appealing.

Here’s one such distinction…

You are NOT writing to the market, at large. 

You are NOT writing to the target audience.

You ARE writing to “The REAL Target Audience.”

Here’s what I mean…

As copywriters we all know that to get a 1% response rate is excellent — 2% is extraordinary.


What Joy! Working Wherever You Want - With “WHOEVER” You Want…

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Ryan Healy recently posted on his blog about the value of having a flexible schedule/life, as a freelance copywriter.

I agree.

More importantly, to me, is the fact that you can work wherever you want.

And With Whoever You Want…


- “On” the bay!

- That’s my lil niece Tava.


That’s THE reason to get free.

What’s your joy?

Take the leap.

Join me in Melbourne.


I promise — you won’t regret it!

At some point we all take a Big Step — something that’s a little uncomfortable.

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